Why TCA?


Money left on the table

Doctors and other medical professionals unknowingly leave billions on the table each year, missing out on their financial potential. We use our market knowledge and experience with contract negotiation to capture that potential, and to make sure that you walk into your first day on the job with confidence. The confidence that you left nothing on the table during your hiring, and confidence that you're being paid what you're worth. 

We handle all of the stress of the negotiations

We use real data to obtain your maximum value. Using our comprehensive and proprietary data we are able to confidently negotiate on your behalf. Our negotiations create a buffer between you and your employer which allows your workplace relationships to remain untouched while we handle the financial side.



We only get Compensated on the added value we provide

No matter the circumstance, TCA only takes commission on the value we add to a contract. We'll never charge a retainer,  and never ask for an up-front fee. The value we create is simply found money for you.